Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Archival copy of the Union Square News
See the newsletter here:
November 2006 Newsletter (PDF)

Articles feature:
  • Message from the President, Chris Taylor with shout outs to Richard Pickens; plus reference to the presentation to restore the park, the fountain, and the pavilion by Bill Adler and Fran Rahl
  • Article about park restoration by Richard Pickens
  • 2006 Cookie Plans referencing Diane Asher, David Miller, Richard Pickens and the Mencken House
  • Article about the townhouse project from Southwest Visions on Pratt, Lemmon and Mount Streets.
  • Reprint of 2004 Cookie Tour article by Phyllis VanMeerhaege
  • First newsletter reference to the Union Square Online Blog
  • Real Estate listing
  • USA Meeting at the NDC