Thursday, November 1, 2007

Archival copy of the Union Square News
See the newsletter here: November 2007 Newsletter (PDF)

Articles feature:
  • Message from the President, Chris Taylor with shout outs to Jocelyn Merisca, the Cookie Tour Committee, Cari (Knowles) Schemm, Ben Burns, Tonya Osborne, Bridgid Burke, Jason Bass, Andelson Merisca, and John McDade
  • Historic Preservation article by Fran Rahl referencing CHAP
  • Park Gets Grant for $350,000
  • Zoning Laws and Union Square
  • SBCS News by Erika Brockman
  • Real Estate listing
  • USA Meeting at the NDC
NOTE: This attached PDF copy of the newsletter appears to be a flawed draft that includes elements from the missing May 2007 Newsletter. It appears they got mixed up in our files. If anyone has a copy of the correct November or May 2007 newsletters, please leave a comment or send an email via the "Contact" button that appears at the bottom of the column to the right. Thank you!