Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quoted from the Pigtown Pigout Blog
Zella's Pizza
Photo Credit: Pigtown Pigout
Zella's Pizza @ Hollins Market
The evening before Thanksgiving, Cat, Dog & I ventured over to Hollins market from our abodes in Pigtown. Despite some bad directions from Mapquest, we eventually made it over there. The Hollins Market area used to have some great restaurants like the Cultured Pearl, Tell Tale Hearth and Gypsy Cafe, but they're all gone now, and the site of GC has some odd bear sculpture on it. I had heard of a few new eateries opening in locations of old favourites, including the site of the former Tell-Tale Hearth. We decided to try Zella's Pizza, since we didn't want to have a heavy meal the night before the big pigout!
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pigtown pigout: Zella's Pizza @ Hollins Market


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