Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quoted from the Baltimore21201 Blog:
One Remarkable Renovation
If you think a rowhouse equates to cramped, dark stairways, think again. A quad skylight floods the airy, sweeping stairs with light.
I've seen some top shelf rowhouse renovations over the years.

This one at 1311 W Lombard Street in Baltimore's Washington Village/Union Square neighborhood is a real treasure...

Far too often the folks doing renovations take a short cut in at least one area of the redo. If there's was a single short cut taken here I sure can't find it...

Walk through the foyer and feel your jaw drop. This Baltimore rowhouse, with wainscoting even lining the stairways, is a solid, visual treat...

Slideshow of 1311 W. Lombard Street
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Baltimore21201.Com - The Blog: One Remarkable Renovation


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