Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Evil santaCompared to many urban communities, and even some suburban areas, Union Square has relatively little crime. Violent crime is virtually unheard of but, in today's culture, no area is completely immune to other bad acts. As the holidays approach, the police report that there has been a rash of daylight break-ins in the Union Square area. It's a sad reality that the bad guys know our beautifully-decorated homes contain brand-new, gift-wrapped goodies at this time of the year.

The USA reminds us to "Please stay very aware to protect your house and others. Make sure you lock all doors and windows at all times, even during the day."

It's important that we all watch out for each other. Union Square is blessed with residents who work together to enhance security and the quality of life in our community. If anyone sees suspicious activity near a neighbor's home, the police should be notified immediately.

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Evil Santa image by Peter Forret via Flickr
Even with an awareness of this dark side, remember to enjoy the wonder and magic of the season.

Have a very Merry (and secure) Christmas!


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