Monday, December 13, 2010

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B&O Museum considers buying Pratt Street clinic site
Baltimore Behavioral Health Inc. initiated talks with rail museum
By Scott Calvert, The Baltimore Sun
Baltimore Behavioral Health Inc. may sell two buildings
to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum.
(Photo: Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun / July 12, 2010)
The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum could be on the verge of a westward expansion, according to its executive director, who says the West Pratt Street museum is "seriously" thinking of buying the adjacent campus of Baltimore Behavioral Health Inc. ...

The two buildings, at 1001 and 1101 W. Pratt, were once part of the B&O's vast Mount Clare Shops complex that sprawled across Southwest Baltimore. The landmark 1884 roundhouse — the museum's visible focal point — rises due east of BBH's campus. ...

Built around 1916, two-story 1001 W. Pratt housed the carpentry shop, he said. The other building, constructed a decade or so later, held the railroad's research and development lab and offices on its three levels. Most B&O structures in the area were razed years ago. ...the museum, which rebuilt the 22-sided roundhouse after a major snowfall collapsed the roof in 2003, can afford to buy the property.
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