Monday, September 13, 2010

Sowebo Landmark 5K
Southwest Baltimore Charter School
Southwest Baltimore Charter School's (SBCS) mission is to develop eager learners and critical thinkers who are committed to personal success and the success of their communities. With a focus on developing social, human, and financial capital in our classrooms and in our broader neighborhood, SBCS will prepare students to compete, succeed and contribute as young adults. Opportunity is commonly held to be the birthright of every American citizen. Despite our best intentions, many children in this country are not adequately prepared to "get a piece of the pie." Inelegant as that phrase may be, it encapsulates the endemic lack of access in many communities.

Chesapeake Center for Youth DevelopmentSince 1974 CCYD has worked to uplift the lives of thousands of youth and families in the greater Baltimore area through the provision of educational opportunities, vocational training, counseling, and after school programming.

CCYD’s mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of youth who are vulnerable to becoming involved with the juvenile justice system. CCYD is a social service organization, which provides caring and comprehensive services, offers essential youth development opportunities, and an innovative learning facility that sets high standards of success and achievement for disadvantaged youth.


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