Monday, January 31, 2011

Who do you call or contact if you see trash all over, potholes in front of your house, mutant rats jumping out of you - 311!!!

Recently, I've had to make use of Baltimore's 311 service. 311 was started in Baltimore in 2002 with the hopes of allowing residents to call in to 311 with service requests on issues such as graffiti, debris on wires, potholes, faded signs, street light repair and other issues. I told one of my neighbors I was calling and was given the story that the city never responds.

I decided to be the optimist and give it a try. I had the option of calling or emailing. I decided that I would report two different issues on my part of Lombard. I called and emailed. The process was pretty easy and I was given a confirmation number to check my request at a later time. A few days later - a supervisor from the city came out and took care of the issues. I logged into the 311 system and the information was right there along with action taken.

I know its not a perfect system but if your dealing with issues on your street - we have to step up and make an e-trail so there will be a record of complaints or reports. 311 is a way along with our community association that we can keep our neighborhood safe.


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