Friday, January 28, 2011

Did you know there are 216 types of claw feet for clawfoot bathtubs and that they basically are not interchangeable? Well, that's what you can learn with a visit to Second Chance. They have about 170 of them.

While the claw foot selection is amazing, you can also buy mantels, cabinets, doors, kitchen appliances, furniture, lamps, radiators (and covers), antique toys, and more. Items are constantly changing, but on any given day you find slate roof tiles to stained glass windows.

This is the spot to check if you want a show-stopping focal point for a room in your home - large gilded mirrors, items that appear to be from churches, manor homes and hotels, sinks with lapis and gold handles. Many pieces are quite pricey, but you can find items for less than $300 if you look hard enough. There is no better place to go to find a new mortise lock for your hundred year old pocket doors, with skeleton keys to match. If you have the right vision and skills, this place could be a gold mine for restoring an old row home or adding character to your current house.
This nonprofit organization has a phenomenal vision - not only are they working to preserve the region's historic architecture by reclaiming materials from landfills, but they also offer workforce development to unemployed individuals helping them prepare for a second career.

From their website Second Chance Inc.:


Second Chance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We deconstruct buildings and homes, salvage usable materials and make those available to the public though our 150,000 square feet of retail space. In addition, we provide training and workforce development. We provide people, materials and the environment with a second chance.

Second Chance is a social enterprise with a true triple bottom line focus. Everything we do is:
  • environmentally sound
  • socially responsible
  • financially viable
Our commitment to sustainable practices is the foundation of our value system. From these values rises opportunity: training and marketable skills, access to valuable materials and reduced landfill deposits. What’s not to like?

The Greco column in our logo speaks to the legacy of Second Chance. We are committed to preserving our collective architectural heritage. Second Chance is the only business of its kind in the Baltimore area. We’re experts in reclaiming building assets.

Come and explore our diverse inventory available in our 4 warehouses. You’re bound to discover some truly unique and unexpected items.


The Second Chance mission is to retrain and create employment for displaced and unemployed workers in deconstruction methods; reclaim building material to reduce demolition debris overloading landfills and renew materials to preserve the region’s rich architectural heritage.


Second Chance was founded in 2001 to develop solutions to sustainable employment and environmental issues. In 2003, a training and employment program was created to address the pressing needs of Baltimore City residents who were facing multiple challenges to employment, good wages and progressive skills.

Today, Second Chance trains and hires unemployed individuals in deconstruction, salvage, warehousing, and customer service. Second Chance works with local and regional architects, builders, developers and property owners to identify residential and commercial buildings entering the demolition phase and remove all reusable elements through deconstruction for waste diversion and resale to consumers.

Our Stores

Each of our warehouse stores specialize in a different product line.
Warehouse 1:Architectural Salvage

Warehouse 2: Lumber and Building Supplies

Warehouse 3: Home Furnishings
Warehouse 4: Kitchen and Bath - Doors and Windows

1400 Warner St., Baltimore, MD 21230
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Retail Stores are open to the public 9 – 5 Mon-Sat.


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