Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Archival copy of the Union Square News
See the newsletter here:
June 2011 Newsletter (PDF)
  • "BLOOM YOUR BLOCK... THIS IS IT!!" Article about the Bloom Your Block project coming to a climax on Saturday, June 25. Judging and photos throughout the neighborhood begin at 10 AM - then on to the park at noon with a potluck picnic, music and more... including the cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches to celebrate Union Square's 164th Anniversary! Click the PDF link (above) for the full article including ways to participate and contact information for Andrea Leahy.
  • REMINDER: There will not be any more USA General Meetings until September.
  • "SOWEBO LANDMARK 5K" - Article about the event scheduled for October 2 with the next planning meeting is 7 PM on June 17 at 1401 Hollins Street. Click the PDF link for the full article with details about the route and landmarks plus more info about support for the SBCS and CCYD efforts against childhood obesity. The event will also include a Kid's Fun Run and a Health Fair in Union Square.
  • "STREETSCAPE SUMMER SCHEDULE" - Article lists the monthly 7 PM Sunday meetings scheduled for June 12, July 10, and August 14 at 43 S. Stricker Street; and the monthly 9 AM Saturday clean-ups that first assemble in the park for Hollins Street June 18, for Pratt Street July 16, and for Carey Street August 20. Click the PDF link for the full article including contact information for Andrea Leahy and Salvatore Seely... PLUS photos featuring Joe, Sal, Dari, Andrea, Cari Schemm, and Chris Taylor.
  • "SIDEWALK SALE SUCCESS?" - Article by Cari Schemm with thanks to Mary Alice and Emily Cochran. Click the PDF link for the full article.
  • "COMMUNITY SUPPORTED WELLNESS" - Article about Clay Pots events including Community Chat "What is Wellness?" facilitated by Belinda Reed; and weekly 7 PM Relaxation Hours on Wednesdays. Click the PDF link for the full article and contact information.
  • "HISTORIC PRESERVATION" - Article thanking Dave Cochran as he steps down from the USA liaison position with CHAP. Babette Leshinsky will assume the Director of Historic Preservation Board position with assistance from Juan Gonzalez. Click the PDF link for the full article including contact information.
  • "SOWEBO ARTS" - Listing of the Annual Sowebo Arts Poster Auction and Linda Day Clark's Exhibition Reception: The Gee's Bend Photographs. Click the PDF link for the full article with details including scheduled dates, times and locations.
  • Listing of USA Officers: Kim Crichlow, President; Cari Schemm, Vice President; Eboni Zook, Treasurer; Emily Cochran, Recording Secretary; Ivan Leshinsky, Corresponding Secretary; Babette Leshinsky, Historic Preservation; Jacob Booher & Andrea Leahy, Directors at Large.
  • USA General Meetings at 7:00 PM on the first Wednesday of the month are scheduled to resume in September at the NDC, 1401 Hollins St.