Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Neighbors!
The Bloom Your Block project was a huge success. I would like to thank everyone for participating and making our neighborhood look so beautiful. Through your generous donations we were able to put together and distribute 28 flower pots which exceeded our goal of 25! This is a great accomplishment! The project brought us together for a common goal and definitely enhanced our quality of life. When neighbors come together, we are all WINNERS!

Thank you to the judges, Lisa Doyle from Baltimore Heritage, Scott Kashnow from Franklin Square Association and Baltimore Heritage, Tom Caponiti from BNEC and Councilwoman Agnes Welch. First place went to the unit block of Stricker St. Second place went to 1300 block W. Lombard St. And Third place went to 1500 block Hollins St. The Best Dressed House in the neighborhood went to 1317 W. Lombard St! Congratulations to all!

Sending a special shout out to my block! 1300 W. Lombard you really put forth a tremendous effort. We have come a long way. Five years ago this block was barren and desolate. Today it is alive and thriving! I am so proud to have such wonderful neighbors.

Once again, thank you to all! Union Square, you are a great neighborhood!

"This small project became a HUGE success and we had fun too!"

Andrea and Sal


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