Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Union Square Online now has a page on Google+, the much-anticipated and newest entry into the world of social networks. When it comes to social networking, we are striving to make Union Square as connected as possible. The idea is to get maximum exposure for the many people who have yet to discover our special and historic neighborhood. Many potential home-buyers, history buffs, and other non-residents still don't even know we exist.

The Google+ Page joins the family of social media that includes the Union Square Online Website (created in 2002), followed by the Linked In Open Group, plus a Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Open Group Page, Facebook Cookie Tour Page, Google Groups, Wikipedia, Twitter, and the Blogspot Union Square Online Blog.

Feel free to share any or all of these links with your friends and family. You're also encouraged to include these connections with your various Internet feeds and networks. All of the Union Square Online social media outlets are open to the public. There are no membership restrictions nor is there any need for permission to view content or to participate in discussions. 

BTW, If you want your own Google+ page, you may request an invitation via email HERE.

To minimize confusion and maximize public relations clarity, one unambiguous logo - the green square with our landmark white pavilion - is used consistently on all these media outlets. In America (and around the world), there are many "Union Square" locations - multiple and random logos would easily get lost in all that clutter. We deliberately created a logo that would not work for Union Square NYC or Union Square Singapore or Union Square San Francisco, etc. In Baltimore, there are several neighborhoods designated as historic. Our image is designed so it does not work if the words "Union Square" are replaced with "Federal Hill" or "Washington Village" (to name a few examples). Further, the warm brick color of our homes may have been an obvious choice, but that color is too generic and could apply to any Baltimore brick rowhouse neighborhood - so, of course, the distinctive green color was selected to represent the green-space of the graceful park that gives our neighborhood its name. As you can see, the elements of color and image build our community's unique branding - in keeping with basic principles of Marketing 101.

If you see additional public relations opportunities to promote Union Square, please share your ideas via any (or all) of the resources listed.