Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Increase of addiction services can mean more problems for our neighborhood.

The Southwest Partnership is hosting a rally on March 8th at 7 PM 1001 W. Pratt St. (at corner of Arlington).

Please join us to demonstrate our displeasure with the addition of Addiction Services to the Mount Clare Junction Shopping Center. Since information has not been forthcoming (this is one of our issues), we are not 100% confident on all our facts however, according to the best intelligence we can gather. BBH sold their buildings to the Abell Foundation for $3 Million and then rented one back, to continue treating between 500-650 patients. The second building is being occupied by the University of Maryland and hosts 3 treatment programs totaling 700 new patients coming to our neighborhood and an already failing shopping center. We are extremely displeased with the clustering of addiction services treatment centers in our neighborhoods. We have met with the Mayor and have written letters but as yet have not received the satisfactory response of not having this additional social burden added to our already struggling neighborhoods.

We are all working very hard to revitalize our area and this type of action greatly undermines our efforts and is unacceptable. We want to tell the decision makers that we are the ten thousand. We are Families and Families have already been driven from our neighborhood due to the BBH fiasco - this is now an additional burden. We want it corrected. Please join us to demand respect for neighborhood revitalization the right way. Help us to correct this injustice. Join us on March 8th.

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Make Signs for Rally | Mar 1st 7 PM | meet at NDC 1401 Hollins St.
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